You Belong Amongst the Wildflowers

*Wrote this a couple years ago on an old blog, but wanted to repost it in my new blog home. Welcome to Mayra Muses!*

I really love plants. Of all kinds. Flowers excite me. I love discovering new uses for plants, herbs, and leaves. Today, while sitting outside being bitten by mosquitoes, I realized that we are just like the plants that were surrounding me.

Some of us are loud, brilliantly colored flowers, commanding to be seen, breathtakingly beautiful and universally admired, bringing joy to the world with just one glance.

Some are robust, built for harsh weather. You can always rely on them to be strong, even if they don’t get watered as much as they should. They survive.

Some of us are wildflowers, who find a place we like, take root, and growing freely, flourish.

Some of us are a little more unassuming, oft-overlooked until you discover that what’s inside has had the cure to what ails you all along.

Maybe we could learn a lot more about ourselves if we paid a little more attention to our surroundings.

I do know one thing for sure…I have always had a weakness for wild flowers